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This page is our offering to recognize all individuals who contributed to the College of DuPage's building a reputation for successful education for the members of our community/district.

It was compiled from many sources and is correct to the best of our knowledge as of the posting.  Some of the “Discipline/Department” and “In Memoriam” dates are missing.  If anyone can fill in these blank spaces, add specific details, or knows of other employees who have passed away who are not on the list, please send information to We will update the listing. Thank you.



As of September 1, 2017

Achzige, Carla Faculty, Buffalo Theatre, PT April 9, 2007  
Ajanee, Shehnaz   December 6, 2014  
Allen, Terrence History Faculty, FT October 15, 2012  
Allison, Al Bookstore Manager, FT    
Ariffe, George English Faculty, FT October 2012  
Bachar, John Lab Supervisor, Automotive, PT    
Bachmann, Michael Education Faculty, FT September 7, 2014  
Barillari, Joe Director of Special Services, IT Department, FT July 2, 2014  
Barnes, Brian Information Technology May 20, 2010  
Beem, Louise Director, Early Childhood Education & Care Program, FT April 15, 2017 Added 5/1/17
Beilfuss, Carol Admin. Asst., Records Office, FT July 24, 2017 Added 9/1/17
Bellinger, Frank Political Science Faculty, FT February 9, 2009  
Benson, Bruce Chemistry Faculty, FT March 27, 1994 Revised 4/19/17
Berg, Rodney COD President Emeritus February 2000  
Berger, Craig Theatre Faculty, Founding Artistic Dir. Buffalo Theatre Ensemble August 25, 2017 Added 9/1/17
Bernat, Mary Ann Records Office, FT   Added 3/1/17
Bevelacqua, Joan Manager, Business & Professional Institute    
Beyer, Rose Sr. Math Faculty, PT June 2007  
Blaida, Paul Golf Faculty, PE, PT June 11, 2007  
Blake, Robert (Bob) Manager, WDCB Radio Station, LRC    
Blatnik, John Director of Human Resources    
Bonnell, Georgia Fashion Design Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Borbey, Gerald Police Officer, FT September 30, 2014  
Boyd, David Admissions Counselor, FT 1990  
Boyd, James (Jim) Business Faculty, Director of Data Processing, FT   Added 3/1/17
Boyd, Robert Business Faculty, FT 1971 Revised 3/1/17
Brasfield, Travis Biology Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Briggs, Jodie Speech Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Brown, Susan Supervisor, Part-Time Faculty Office    
Bruce, Jane Library Assistant, Technical Services    
Bullen, Joyce (Adair) Associate Dean, Social & Behavioral Sciences April 2013 Revised 3/1/17
Burdett, Raymond Campus Services, FT May 9, 2014  
Burke, Valerie Head Nurse, FT January 14, 2003 Revised 3/1/17
Burns, Sam Audio/Visual Department, FT    
Byrd, Bob Warehouse, FT    
Cabatit-Segal, Betsy Associate Dean of Health & Public Services    
Carlson, Alice Library Aide, Technical Services, FT February 15, 2012  
Cerasoli, Al Counselor, FT April 26, 2011  
Cermak, Marilyn Library Aide, Public Services, PT December 10, 2015  
Chase, Annalee Admin. Asst., Career Planning & Placement, FT    
Cole, Frank Board of Trustees   Added 4/19/17
Collie, Jim Speech Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Creamer, Ellen Secretary to Director of Counseling, FT September 2, 2014  
Croft, Robert Economics Faculty, PT October 10, 1999 Added 5/1/17
Daly, Mary English Faculty, FT    
DiNovi, Roberta Faculty/Instructional Design Coordinator, FT May 1, 2007  
Djordjevic, Slobodan Computer Operator, FT November 30, 2006  
Domschke, John   June 28, 1905  
Doster, Bill English Faculty, FT    
Dreyer, Kay Manager of Telecommunications, FT 2016 Added 3/1/17
Ducote, Richard Dean of Library    
Ellingson, James Physics Faculty, FT   Added 3/1/17
Elliott, Joan Secretary, Field Studies    
Ellis, Bob Economics Faculty, Kappa College, FT 1979 Revised 3/1/17
Engelhardt, Joan   2006 Revised 3/1/17
Feinstein, Millie Registration April 9, 2016  
Fejer, Edith Sociology Faculty, FT    
Fields, Home Economics Faculty, FT    
Fina, Paul Plastics Technology Faculty, FT January 2, 2009  
Fordonski, Ronald Computer & Info. Systems Faculty/Dean of Business, FT January 12, 2005 Revised 9/1/2017
Foster, Joanne Admin. Asst., Research & Planning and International Studies, FT September 22, 2014  
Fox, Bill Data Processing Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Fradkin, Bernie Dean of Learning Resource Center, FT April 6, 2017 Added 4/10/17
Frank, Robb Instructor/Counselor, FT November 10, 2014 Added 3/1/17
Friedli, Lucile Director of Student Activities March 11, 2015  
Froehlke, Leona Accounts Receivable Clerk, FT January 1, 2008  
Funk, James   2006 Revised 3/1/17
Gage, Nancy Chief Accountant, FT December 4, 2011  
Gaimari, Charlotte Admin. Asst., Registration, FT September 25, 2015  
Gault, Lon History Faculty, FT    
Geyer, Robert Librarian, FT    
Giermak, Ed Supermarket Management Faculty, Kappa College, FT November 15, 2012  
Gilbert, Jan Supervisor, Scheduling Office, FT June 2006  
Gooch, William Dean, Occupational & Vocational Education July 28, 2009  
Grahn, June Athletics Faculty, FT April 16, 2016  
Grenko, Joe Buildings & Grounds, FT    
Gresock, Bob Secretarial Science Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Groszos, Stephen Director of Institutional Research June 27, 2012  
Haggard, Estelle Library/Finance Office, FT March 23, 2014  
Hallenstein, Ruth Public Information Specialist, FT November 10, 2007  
Hamilton, David Public Information, FT November 17, 2011  
Harvey, Robert (Bob) Engineering Faculty, Auto Technology/Engineering Division, FT November 3, 2011  
Hayden, Clifford Supervisor, Custodial Operations, FT February 2, 2010  
Heier, Marge Admin. Asst., FT    
Henry, Barbara   June 28, 1905  
Herbert, Charles Police Science Faculty, FT    
Hildebrand, Nancy Admin. Asst., Counseling/Advising, FT    
Hinz, Betty Admin. Asst., Information Technology, FT April 28, 2010  
Hinz, Larry Police Officer, FT    
Hodges, Paula Biology Lab Assistant, Natural Sciences, FT    
Holzkamp, Rodney History Faculty, FT October 6, 2014  
Hombach, Fred Philosophy Faculty, FT 2006  
Hughes, Greg Maintenance Electrician, FT September 20, 2011  
Jaacks, Roger Manufacturing  Faculty, Technology Division, FT June 9, 2011  
Jakubowski, Laura Admin. Asst., Liberal Arts/Health & Biological Sciences, FT September 25, 2015  
Jarvi, Kim Physical Educ. Faculty/Conference & Events Services, FT    
Jarzab, Bernadine Admin. Asst., Testing and Assessment Center, FT March 2, 2013  
Jennings, Elliott   June 28, 1905  
Johnson, Ellen C.K. Anthropology Faculty, FT January 5, 2011  
Johnson, Robert W. Coordinator of Photography, FT January 5, 2014  
Johnson, William R. Manufacturing  Faculty, Technology Division, FT July 2006  
Johnson, William W. Speech Faculty, FT    
Johnston, B. F. Assistant Dean, Theatre/Speech, Kappa College    
Jones, Walt Psychology Faculty, FT November 2003  
Joos, Greg Director of Human Resources 2009  
Jordan, Claudine Photography Faculty, Communications, Arts & Sciences , FT    
Kadashaw (Sonheim), Sharon Math Faculty, FT October 1, 2010  
Kaufman, Priscilla Chemistry Faculty, FT 1990s Added 3/1/17
Keyes, Ralph Testing Office, PT 2013  
Kolasny, Judy Information Desk, Registration, FT    
Kramer, Janet Faculty, Academic Affairs, PT February 6, 2014  
Krass, Henry (Hank) Physics Faculty, FT October 20, 2011  
Krug, Jeanne Admin. Asst. to Vice President, External Affairs, FT January 29, 2009  
Kuhn, Pat Secretary to Dean of Library, FT    
Kurriger, Patricia Art Faculty, FT September 26, 2010  
Lambert, Carl Choral Music Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Lebrenz, Gene Economics/Finance Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
LeDuc, Margaret (Peg) Developmental Learning Lab, PT November 2016 Revised 3/1/17
Lemme, Ron Vice President, Planning & Information December 5, 2008  
Lemmon, Dallas English Faculty, FT    
Lemon, John Art Faculty, FT    
Lent, Mary Admin. Asst., Business & Professional Institute September 6, 2009  
Logan, Elaine Head Cashier, FT December 18, 2014  
Lorenz, Robert (Bob) News Anchor, WDCB March 30, 2011  
Love, Jim Biology Faculty, FT    
Ludovice, Mary Jane Staff Services, FT March 6, 2015 Revised 3/1/17
MacAdam, Janet Coordinator, Associate Degree Nursing Program, FT January 19, 2008  
Marchant, Curt French Faculty, Kappa College, FT 2006  
Markwenas, Barb Coordinator, Hazardous Materials April 2007  
Marshall, Robert Band Music Faculty, Kappa College, FT April 28, 2009  
Martin, Ed Coordinator, Foodservice Administration, Kappa College    
Martin, Marcia Architectural Faculty, FT February 21, 2014  
Martin, Ralph History Faculty, FT April 26, 2012  
McCray, Janet Admin. Asst., Westmont Center 2006  
McGowan, Shirley Admissions & Registration/Financial Aid, FT February 3, 2015  
Mertz, George Business & Professional Institute, FT 2006  
Meyer, Mark Coordinator of Manufacturing Technology, FT November 1, 2015  
Mijeski, Dulce Spanish Faculty, FT June 9, 2013  
Miller, George Maintenance Painter, FT March 13, 2007  
Miller, Richard Physical Education Faculty, FT    
Milligan, Joe Accounting Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Mirza, Hamid Monitor, Library, PT June 29, 2010  
Moch, Thomas Political Science Faculty, PT March 7, 2007  
Moody, Tom English Faculty, FT March 3, 2016  
Mott, Margaret Senior Staff Assistant, Learning Lab November 4, 2011  
Mulac, Emilie Library Aide, Technical Services, FT October 24, 2013  
Murphy, Ken Graphic Arts Faculty, FT 2006  
Murray, Ruth Math Faculty, FT February 15, 2010  
Najjar, Basil Psychology Faculty, FT August 10, 2015  
Nechoda, Ruth Dean of Natural Sciences    
Nelson, Don Business Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Niemann, Evelyn Secretary to the President, FT May 4, 2006 Added 3/1/17
Nilsson, Ron Counselor and Coordinator of Cooperative Education, FT January 9, 2015  
Novak, Janet Coodinator, Student Parent Program, FT September 5, 2012  
Nyka, James Journalism Faculty, FT May 16, 2012  
Ollada, Fred Recreation Area Assistant, FT 2014 Added 9/1/17
Ozarka, Roman Electronics Faculty, FT September 2006  
Palmieri, Joe Director of Athletics, FT    
Papp, Leslie Lab Aide, Developmental Learning Lab    
Patsavas, Con Political Science Faculty/Dean of Business & Arts, FT June 28, 2013  
Pedigo, Karen Admin. Asst. to the President, FT February 25, 2007  
Pekel, Matt Buildings & Grounds, FT 2006  
Pelletier, Vince Dean of Business/V.P. of Academic Affairs October 16, 2011  
Peters, Beth Foodservice Administration Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Peters, Robert (Bob) Counselor/Associate Dean of Open Campus, FT 2016 Added 3/1/17
Petersen, Darline Hospitality Law Faculty/FT Classified, Dining Services, PT April 30, 2013  
Pletka, Helene Library Aide, Audio Visual Services, FT    
Pletka, Joe Buildings & Grounds    
Plondke, Peg Records Office, FT   Added 3/1/17
Potts, Mike Public Information, FT    
Pozesky, Ruthie Admin. Asst. to Director of Campus Services, FT April 2, 2015  
Radcliffe, Madeline Switchboard Operator, PT September 1, 2012  
Reda, Mario Sociology Faculty, FT June 19, 2007  
Reno, Pat Admin. Asst., Campus Service, FT January 22, 2013  
Richardson, Dan Accounting Faculty, Kappa College, FT 1996  
Rinehart, Herb Director, Career Planning & Placement September 18, 2001  
Roblee, Charles Fire Science Faculty, Kappan College, FT    
Rochelt, Ruth Admin. Asst., Academic Alternatives, FT    
Rose, Art Business/Marketing Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Rosen, Elmer Chief of Police, FT    
Rosenkranz, Carolan Library, FT August 2000 Revised 3/1/17
Ross, Elmo Operating Engineer, FT September 22, 2012  
Ryburn, May English Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Salberg, Herb Athletic Director, PE April 19, 2007  
Sarkisian, Sevan Recreational Leadership Faculty & Softball Coach, FT November 5, 2000 Revised 3/1/17
Schenk, Betty Clerk Typist, Kappa College, FT    
Schindler, Jim Board of Trustees   Added 3/1/17
Schubert, Bea Continuing Education, FT October 2006  
Schulz, Herb Physics Faculty, FT    
Schwarz, Larry Custodian, FT November 3, 2007  
Schwass, Wally History Faculty, FT    
Seaton, Bob Psychology Faculty, FT 2006  
Seaton, George L. Founding COD Board Member    
Segal, Betsy Cabatit Associate Dean of Health & Public Services    
Segal, Marvin Business Law Faculty, FT August 14, 2009  
Sehstedt, Vincent Custodian, FT October 12, 2014  
Serafin, Juanita Supervisor, Records, FT March 16, 2009  
Shih, H. Chang Physics Faculty, FT   Added 3/1/17
Siska, Lois Registration November 13, 2011  
Skup, Bob Library Graphic Designer/Religious Studies Faculty, FT 2006  
Sonheim (Kadashaw), Sharon Math Faculty, FT October 1, 2010  
Sosulski, Mike Asst. Dean, Delta College/Psychology Faculty, FT    
Spiroff, Jeff Manager of Foodservices, Building K Cafeteria    
Stoldt, Leroy Math Faculty, FT July 1, 2014  
Stone, Bernie History Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Stretton, Bill Math Faculty, FT July 21, 2008  
Syms, Mona Admissions Counselor, FT    
Tadlock, Lois Admin. Asst., Financial Aid, FT February 26, 2015  
Tetrick, Earline Secretarial Science Faculty, Kappa College, FT    
Thomas, Martha English Faculty/Dean of Adult ESL Learning, FT February 20, 2017 Added 3/1/17
Thomas, Robert Accounting Faculty, Kappa College, FT July 20, 2001  
Thorne, Ann Math Faculty, FT January 2, 2009  
Treloar, Bill Dean of Off-Campus Classes May 2016  
Usry, Tom Chief of Police January 22, 2015  
Vanek, Elaine Secretary to Vice President of Programs, FT    
Vasiliauskas, Jura Anatomy & Physiology Faculty, FT    
Veihman, Robert Associate Dean, Library    
Videtich, Donna Nursing Faculty, FT December 2, 2007  
Viola, Carol Provost, Open Campus Center, FT August 24, 2017 Added 9/1/17
Walker, Audrey Advisor, Career Planning & Placement April 2013 Revised 3/1/17
Webster, David Athletic Coach for Tennis, Gymnastics, Football, FT July 10, 2016  
Weiseman, Jack Director of Performing Arts, FT    
Wilkes, Dona English Faculty, FT November 26, 2006  
Wilkes, Doris Coordinator, Associate Degree Nursing Program, FT March 2009  
Williams, Jim Director of Admissions, Registration & Records, FT June 19, 2017 Added 6/29/17
Wood, Dick Executive Dean of Instruction, FT July 8, 2010  
Yackley, Betty Counselor/Board of Trustees, FT   Added 3/1/17
Zarcone, Augie Math Faculty, FT    
Zaremba, Donna   2006  
Zeman, Berna Cashier, Cafeteria, FT    
Zuck, Ted Director of Campus Services, FT   Added 3/1/17
Zwierlein, Donna Secretary to Director of Counseling, FT