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Date: March 29th 2016

This week on Music Fridays @ Noon: 

Hot Club of San Francisco! Come join us for this amazing group and engaging presentation!
Then come hear Hot Club of San Francisco on Friday or Saturday nights at 8 pm in the MAC Playhouse. Contact the MAC ticket office at 630.942.400 for tickets. 


Gypsy Swing 101  - A lecture/demonstration on Paris’ most original musical legacy
Join Hot Club of San Francisco founder, Paul Mehling, in a visit to the smoky cabarets of Paris for an introduction to the gypsy swing genre. Django Reinhardt, an illiterate nomad with a handicapped left hand, was an undisputed musical genius. Despite his origin in a social underclass and his choice of the then hugely unpopular guitar, he and his musical partner, Stephane Grappelli (violin), changed the history of jazz forever. They created an all-string chamber group which confounded jazz lovers the world over by demonstrating that you don’t have to be American to play jazz! The gypsy swing story is part mystery, part bravado, part genius, and several parts World War II. 
Through a combination of lecture and live musical performance, the audience will become acquainted with Django Reinhardt's intriguing persona. Paul Mehling will chart the development of gypsy swing by providing a historical context. He will address the plight of the gypsies, racial barriers in the jazz world, how gypsy swing differs from American jazz, the role of guitars and stringed instruments in jazz, competition between Reinhardt and Grappelli, and introduce some of Reinhardt's contemporaries (such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Oscar Aleman, Baro, Matelo, and Sarane Ferret, and Gusti Malla). This discussion concludes with a look at the gypsy swing players of today, such as Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg, Angelo Debarre, and others, and the genre's continuing influence on modern music, movies, and television.

Next week:    Don Skoog -- Bata drumming performance and workshop on April 8
8          Guest Artist – Don Skoog: Bata drumming, performance and workshop† - See more at:
As usual,  Noon, MAC 140, free admission. 
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