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A Brief History as presented by Irma Pitroff to the
College of DuPage Board of Trustees

May 10, 2004

In 1986, a college retiree, Carolan Rosenkranz, wrote a letter to fellow retirees asking those interested in a retirees club to respond to her. Twenty-nine replied and the College of DuPage Retirees Association was born. Afterwards, then COD president, Hal McAninch, presented this organization as an agenda item to the College Board of Trustees, in May 1987, and our organization became a recognized integral part of the college.

Thanks to the efforts of many and with the assistance of the president, who is now one of us, an important change began to take shape in 1991. It was then that discussions were had about joining the State University Annuitants Association. In March 1992, the College of DuPage Retirees Association became a chartered member of SUAA, representing all our retirees, both dues-paying and non-dues/non-voting members.

Since its inception, the purpose of our group has been the same as stated in the College of DuPage Annuitant Association (CDAA) constitution:

CDAA Constitution: Approved May 4, 2006

CDAA By-Laws: Approved May 4, 2006

College of DuPage Retirees Association and
College of DuPage Annuitats Association

Combined histories as reported May, 2015, compiled by
Sherwood Edwards with Jenny Dunbar.